About Me

Del Mar. From the Sea.

I spent the majority of my life far from the ocean, only occasionally seeing its white-capped waves when my family vacationed to tropical destinations. I remember the excitement bubbling up inside me, my heart skipping a beat, when I, during a long and cramped road trip, would look out the window and finally face infinite blue horizons.

I lived your typical American life, blinders on, traveling down the narrow path of ‘go to school’ and ‘get a job’, ‘stay in your lane’ and ‘don’t ask questions’, never feeling like I was making the impact or living the life I truly wanted. I was trapped in a barren, bandwagon world, far from the ocean. An unignorable emptiness sprouted, rooting itself in my hearts center.

A year ago I returned to the sea for good, setting up camp on a small Carribean island known for scuba-diving and travelers. Since then, most mornings I draw back my bedroom curtains and stare out across that infinite blue horizon I’ve always craved, watching sunrays scatter over rolling waves, sending sparkles across the ocean’s surface, and my heart, tied to the sea in ways I still cannot fully comprehend, unfailingly skips a beat.

Fast forward to today, and now I spend my days doing what I consider to be one of the most wonderful and rewarding things our world has to offer: teaching people how to scuba dive.

But lately, I’ve been unable to ignore that familiar ignition of interest, that spark, that little voice in my head telling me there’s something more for me to do. Hearing stories from other travelers, our paths briefly crossing on the little island I now call home, inspires me not only to continue my own travels, but to dive in different oceans, to meet new people, and to listen, learn, and share my own stories along the way.

And so, enter these deep-sea tales of a traveling twenty-something. I hope you enjoy, stay a little while, and maybe even get inspired for your own journey ;)